About Our Schools

Aims of the School

  • Create a stimulating and happy environment in which “Every Pupil Achieves”
  • Establish a caring school community in which children are able to form mutually beneficial relationships;
  • Foster self-respect, self-discipline and a sense of responsibility and concern for others;
  • Care for the local and world environment and community;
  • Provide a broad, balanced, relevant, rich and differentiated curriculum;
  • Foster a positive and enquiring attitude to learning that encourages self- motivation and perseverance;
  • Promote close partnerships with parents/guardians/carers and the local people and organisations;
  • Provide a curriculum appropriate to the needs of each child, which whilst being based on the national curriculum, goes above and beyond;
  • Provide continual assessment and evaluation to monitor each child’s progress.
At Eden Park Academy’s, we aim to educate and develop our students to have active and creative minds that can make a positive contribution to society.

Eden Park Academy

We strive to transform their learning experience, encouraging their academic, social and emotional development as well as developing their own personal sense of ambition.

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All staff endeavour to create a safe environment for the well-being of the children, observe a purposeful code of conduct and work in harmony with one another.

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Our Students

Student Profile

Mixed gender
Age range: 11-16 years
Placement: 38 week, day

May be diagnosed with or present with:

  • Emotional and social difficulties
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Likely history of placement or family breakdown
  • Attachment disorder

Students attending our schools have either been placed in the care of Radical Services, Partners in Care, Pebbles Care or are day placement students. Some will have a Statement of Special Educational Needs (SEN) or Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

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Facilities and Services

Therapeutic environment
The school offers a therapeutic environment, where all staff have been trained in various techniques to work successfully with vulnerable young people who may display a wide range of emotionally triggered behaviours.

Individual sessions are usually offered once/ twice a week and last around forty minutes. Topics covered may include themes such as attachment disorders, anger management or the building of self-esteem. The sessions take place in a student’s home, this provides a safe and comfortable venue.

While client confidentiality is always respected, a half-termly report is produced for staff, parents, local authorities and other involved professionals. Members of the therapy team are able to provide a link between the therapy input, the school day and the home. There is also a personal support worker in their house groups.

Careers education and guidance
All students receive careers guidance, including an input from the local Connexions team, beginning with transitional reviews in Year 9. Careers education is provided by aspects of the PSD programmes, as well as through cross- curricular learning opportunities.

Students access Work Related Learning / World of Work wherever possible (ASDAN/NCFE), with strong o ers a wide range of courses that are made available to our students.

Reporting students’ achievements
and progress

Our focus is to support all learners making gains in their learning. The school records each student’s progress and achievements and sends regular progress reports to parents/carers. The school acknowledges achievements at all levels, whether in lessons, particular activities or actions of the student, and we will celebrate these events with parents/carers.

Eden Park Academy prides itself on transparency and regular communication with all stakeholders. Social workers, parents and home managers are given weekly updates when required as well as an in-depth progress reports every half term to monitor improvement in areas such as behaviour, work quality, language and attendance. Pupils have input into their own IEP and targets are set and monitored for short term and long term periods.

We also recognise the need for an education offering creative programmes for young people who require extra care and support in their pastoral and academic situations.

The school’s general academic performance, including exam results, inspection reports and school development updates will be published and made available for inspection (by social workers, parents, local authority, and other relevant agencies). School reports and Ofsted reports will be sent directly to parents/carers/guardians.

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