The Curriculum

Examination course assessment
Students will follow a variety of examination courses, dependent upon their individual education needs and previous curriculum experience .

These include; GCSE, BTEC, AQA, OCR and SQA. As students progress through Key-Stages/Senior Phases they will be continually assessed in line with the QCA requirements. All students undergo an extensive base line assessment including New Group Reading Test (NGRT) and Non-Verbal Reasoning (NVR) as well as being screened for Dyslexia and Dyscalculia using GL-Assessment tools.

Eden Park Outdoor Pursuits on the Curriculum

Curriculum enrichment

We actively promote opportunities to broaden students’ experiences through a wide variety of educational visits and we work with other agencies to deliver projects both on and off the school site.

We encourage students to make a positive contribution to society in many ways, including their involvement throughout the school year in both community and charity events .

Outdoor activities

Tarn Activities/Galloway Activity Centre

During a 6wk rolling programme of land and water based activities, pupils of Eden Park are given the opportunity to experience an extensive range of team and self-esteem building activities. These include high and low rope climbing, caving, sailing, kayaking, raft-building and mountain biking.

Vocational placements

We offer vocational placements to all students and they will have the opportunity to receive staff support as required, including college. In some cases there may be the opportunity for students to begin working independently in placement. However, this must be risk assessed and pre-planned with final decisions made by the school.

The school’s curriculum is broad and balanced, embracing, where appropriate, all of the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum/Curriculum for Excellence. There is a particular emphasis on core subjects and on personal skills, in order to address the often significant gaps in previous learning.

Key Stage 3 / S1 – S2
Learning is differentiated according to ability within each Key Stage and takes into account the particular barriers and vulnerabilities of each learner. The balance between cross- curricular themes and subject-specific ones will depend on the engagement and interest of the learner, but assessment and tracking will, in all cases, relate back to national curriculum progression. Where appropriate, early entry into accredited programmes such as Entry Level, will be arranged in order to re-engage and motivate.

Eden Park Academy Key Stage 3

Key Stage 4 / S3 – S4
At key stage 4, students have the opportunity to follow a more flexible curriculum. This includes working towards academic qualifications offered via Entry Level and functional skills, ASDAN short courses, employment workshops and GCSE examinations in a range of subjects. Vocational qualifications are also made available (see curriculum policy).

Eden Park Academy Key Stage 4

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